Family Law in China

Family Law in China

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Family-Law-in-China.jpgThe Chinese family law has gone through certain changes over the years, the most notable ones concerning divorce in China and the family planning policy. The legal framework that is important for regulating family life in China has been updated and amended so that it would respond to the changes taking place in the Chinese society.
If you are a foreign investor in China who wants to get married in China or you are even considering to establish a family there, you should know how family life is regulated by law and what rights you have in China.
Our Chinese attorneys can help you, if you want to get married in China, file for divorce or in any other matter regarding Family Law.

Marriage and divorce in China

China has made significant changes to the laws regarding divorce in the country, but has also made revisions for the rules governing marriage registration. Marriage registration has become compulsory in China, mainly because some couples were ignoring the legal requirements for registration and only performed the traditional wedding. A marriage will be considered void in China, if the legal requirements for the minimum age of the spouses are not met or if one of the spouses is already married. Marriage in China for non-natives is possible, however only in certain conditions. 
The revisions to the Marriage Law performed in 2001 also reflected the approach to contested divorce. The changes were also determined by an increasing rate of divorce in China by the late 1990s. Our lawyers in China can help you with legal representation during divorce or if you need legal assistance for the division of the matrimonial assets during the divorce.

Laws regarding children in China

One of the most important legal changes performed by the Chinese Government in the Family Law areas were the restrictions imposed on family size. The family planning policy or the one-child policy as it was referred to was introduced in China for Chinese nationals. Over the years, the rules relaxed and couples who did not have any siblings themselves were allowed to have two children. The Family Law in China also controls child abduction and children’s rights.
For more information about Family Law or if you need legal advice and assistance in a family matter in China, you can contact our Chinese law firm.


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