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Immigrate to China

Updated on Monday 28th February 2022

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Immigrate to China.jpegForeign nationals wishing to immigrate to China must first apply for the appropriate visa. It is important to note that the applicant may authorize someone to apply for the visa, with a power of attorney. One of our Chinese lawyers can represent you on immigration issues and can tell you more about emigration to China.

Visa types for China

There are several types of visas, depending on the needs of the applicant and the period of stay. Let's review some of these:
  1. A tourist visa is valid for 2 years and allows entry into China without restrictions.
  2. A business visa (F or M type) allows you to stay in China for 3 months.
  3. Work visa is obtained through the sponsorship of the employing company. After 30 days, applicants must obtain a temporary residence permit.
  4. A student visa for China and especially an X1 visa is required for students who intend to stay more than 6 months in this country. For less of these apply for a student visa X2 for China.
Therefore, those interested in migration to China must first find out what kind of visa is required. Discuss more details with our Chinese lawyers if you want to immigrate to China.

How do I apply for temporary residence in China?

Temporary residence in China must be obtained 30 days after entering the country. Prior to this application, foreign nationals must register in the Chinese city within 24 hours of arrival at the nearest police station.
A temporary residence permit for China is valid for 5 years, and those interested can then apply for Chinese citizenship. Here are other important aspects in this regard:
  • In order to obtain this document, the Chinese authorities require a set of analyzes. Chest X-ray to detect tuberculosis is one of these medical tests.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by the Department of Foreign Affairs to confirm their identity.
  • The time frame for temporary residence permits in China is between 6 and 10 weeks. All the while, applicants are advised not to leave China. Talk to us if you want to immigrate to China.
We invite you to discuss more about how to immigrate to China with our lawyers. We have specialists with experience in issues related to migration to China.

Obtaining permanent residence in China

Permanent residence permit in China is obtained under special conditions. Foreign investors, spouses of Chinese nationals, and foreigners with permanent employment can easily obtain this document.
In other cases, however, applicants must prove that they have invested in China for at least 3 years. Investments start at USD 500,000 and can exceed USD 2 million. In addition to these requirements, interested candidates must have a clean record and submit complete medical tests.
We remind you that those interested in how to immigrate to China and residence permits can turn to our Chinese lawyers. We are at your service if you want details about emigration to China.

Some statistics on migration to China

China is a popular destination for business people and foreign workers alike. There are multiple development opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, food, and beverages, FMCG, engineering, and more.
Statistical data on migration to China revealed the following:
  • About 286 million migrant workers were registered in China in 2020 according to
  • In 2019, over 20% of the total population in China was represented by migrant workers.
  • Also in the same year, about 27% of migrant workers in China worked in the manufacturing sector. 19% were registered in the construction sector in China.
Want to know more about immigration to China? Contact our law firm in China and make an appointment as soon as possible.