Obtain Marriage Certificate in China

Obtain Marriage Certificate in China

Updated on Friday 07th April 2017

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Marriages are governed by the laws of the regions where they took place. In China, the Marriage Law governs marriages done in this country. The Chinese Marriage Law was passed on September 1980 and marriage registration procedures are governed by the law, including marriages between a citizen and a foreigner. Marriages are registered with the Bureau of Civil Affairs and obtaining Chinese marriage certificates is also done there. There are certain requirements and steps that need to be followed before getting the marriage registered and before acquiring a marriage certificate in China. Our lawyers in China can guide you through the process. 

Documents required to obtain marriage certificate in China

It is important to take note of the birth place of the Chinese citizen who is getting married. Each bureau of civil affairs covers a specific jurisdiction and the registration and issuance of Chinese marriage certificates can only be done at the appropriate office. Both spouses must personally appear at the appropriate Bureau of Civil Affairs.
The documents that need to be submitted at the bureau for a Chinese citizen are:
- the application form,
- a certificate of marriageability,
- birth certificate,
- household registration book,
- health certificate,
- the letter of permission from the parents allowing their child to marry (in certain cases).
For a foreigner, the documents needed are:
- their passport,
- the Chinese residence permit,
- health certificate,
- three photos of the couple together,
- payment of registration fee,
- the certificate of marriageability.
Let our attorneys in China assist you in preparing these documents. 

Steps in obtaining a Chinese marriage certificate

The application process is relatively simple when acquiring a marriage certificate in China. The first step is the preparation of the necessary documents. It is important that all the required documents are completed because this will expedite the entire process. Next, an application form must be filled-up with the appropriate bureau of civil affairs, along with the submission of the needed documents.
Once everything necessary has been submitted, the bureau will then check if everything is in order. This might take a while, depending on the location of the local bureau of civil affairs where the application is filed. If everything is in order, the bureau will approve the application and issue the marriage certificate. The couples must personally pick up the marriage certificate issued. Our law firm in China has assisted many clients in obtaining a marriage certificate. 
Make sure that everything is prepared prior to getting a marriage certificate in China. Let our Chinese lawyers inform you on what needs to be done. 


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