Virtual Office in China

Virtual Office in China

Updated on Monday 10th July 2017

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Virtual_Office_in_China.jpgA virtual office in China provides local businessmen and foreign investors with the opportunity to remotely operate a commercial activity. Through a registered address and professional live communications, a virtual office in China helps investors stay connected with the rapidly expanding market. Detailed information about the requirements for having a virtual office can be given to you by our lawyers in China.

The main advantages of a virtual office

The concept of virtual office is becoming increasingly popular among businessmen who open a company in China. The advantages of a virtual office in China include the following:

•    A professional business address – a business location is important in Asia so choosing a virtual office in the business district or in the embassies area can benefit your interests;
•    Virtual offices are cheap and flexible – they can be set up immediately through online services and don't require any capital investment, set-up fees or HR costs;
•    China telephone number and fax number – any businessmen who wants to register a company in China needs a local phone number and an office address;
•    The use of meeting rooms and office facilities – a virtual office gives you the opportunity to use a high profile office building at a fraction of the renting or buying costs of such an address;
•   Telephone answering and mailing address – a professional receptionist will answer on behalf of your company, both in Chinese and English. The virtual office address can be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mails and secure transfer of documents 24/7.

If you want to start a business and need an office address, our Chinese attorneys can provide you with a personalized virtual office package according to your business needs.
Our Chinese lawyers can offer you a complete virtual office package. We invite you to watch a video about the advantages of having a virtual office in China


The virtual office package in China

Our Chinese law firm can assist in a number of business fields and offer you legal services in key areas for business. Our agents will help you set up and run a virtual office in China. Our complete virtual office package includes:
- local business address in a Chinese city of your choice;
- a professional secretary and, if needed, support teams;
- boardroom or office in a modern office building;
- mail collecting and forwarding;
- call forwarding.
Other services are available and one of our Chinese lawyers will help you decide what is best for your business needs in this country. Together with our team, your presence on the Chinese market will benefit from professional representation.
If you want to place your business in the proper location, feel free to contact our law firm in China for a virtual office offer.




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