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Spouse Visa for China

Updated on Monday 03rd October 2022

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Spouse Visa for China
Chinese immigration law does not recognize an exclusive spousal visa, though several visa categories do include spouses as part of their coverage. You are welcome to interact with our lawyers in China. They can explain to you how to get a spouse visa in China.

Difference between Q and S visa

Please find below how Q and S visas are different from each other, and if you still have any concerns, you can get in touch with our lawyers. The Q visa is slightly different from the S visa, please find below general guidance about these both visas:
  • Chinese Q visa
The spouses and relatives of Chinese nationals and those with permanent residence in China are given particular consideration when applying for the Q visa. The Q visa comes in two forms. For anyone planning to stay in China for longer than 180 days, a Q1 visa is required. It is often a single-entry visa that can be extended up to one year and is converted to a residence permit within a month of arrival. Q2 is for people who plan to stay in China for a shorter amount of time than 180 days. These permits may be for single or multiple entries.
  • Chinese S visa
The family members of foreign nationals who reside and work in China on a long-term basis are granted this sort of visa. These foreign nationals may be residing in China on work visas (Z), long-term study visas (X1), long-term journalistic posting visas (J1), or Chinese Green Cards (D).
If you want to apply for a marriage visa in China, you can get assistance from our lawyers. Our Chinese lawyers can help you select the best visa type as per your circumstances.
Furthermore, if you want to apply for residency, our lawyers can also help you with your application. Their legal assistance can help you get residency in China without refusal.

Who can apply for a Q visa in China?

The following individuals may apply for a spouse visa in China. Our attorneys in China can further guide you in this matter:
  • Chinese nationals' spouses, parents, sons, daughters, spouses of sons or daughters, siblings, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, granddaughters, and parents-in-law are considered family members;
  • Relatives of foreigners with permanent residence in China (Green-card);
  • For people who want to visit China to meet family;
  • Those who plan to travel to China to provide foster care.
If you fall among the categories provided above, and you need a spouse visa, you can interact with our Chinese lawyers, they can help you get a marriage visa in China. Furthermore, they will also explain to you the Chinese spouse visa requirements. The legal help from our immigration lawyers can help you to relocate to China without much hassle.

Chinese Q visa requirements and documents

Please find below the list of documents and requirements that you need to fulfill to apply for a spouse visa in China. You can also get more details from our lawyers about the Chinese spouse visa requirements:
  • The original passport that is at least valid for six months;
  • A recent photo and an application form;
  • A letter of invitation from a relative living in China who is either a Chinese citizen or a foreigner having a permanent residency status in China;
  • A photocopy of the inviter's permanent residence permit and their Chinese ID or foreign passport;
  • Only for Q1 visa Applications, proof of family relationship is required. For instance, the original and copy of a birth certificate or marriage certificate that serves as proof of kinship.
Get in touch with immigration lawyers at our law firm in China. They can provide you with comprehensive details about Chinese spouse visa requirements.
You can also interact with our lawyers if you want to apply for Chinese citizenship. Our lawyers can provide you with step-by-step guidance regarding obtaining citizenship in this country. Your citizenship application might face rejection due to minor inconsistencies. But our lawyer’s guidance can help you collect and present related data.

Immigration statistics in China

There has always been a surge in Chinese immigration statistics. Because China is rising as a hub of opportunities and attracting people from around the globe. So, it is the best time to move to China. You can also find below the immigrant statistics in China:
  • The number of immigrants who entered China in 2015 was 978,046, an increase of 15.08% from 2010;
  • The statistics of immigrants in China in 2010 was 849,861, a 25.17% rise from 2005;
  • In 2005, China welcomed 678,947 immigrants, a 33.64% increase from 2000;
  • The number of immigrants in China in 2000 was 508,034, an increase of 14.89% from 1995.
Contact our lawyers in China if you need any legal assistance regarding your visa application. They can explain to you the whole criteria for a Chinese spouse visa.
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