Open an IT Company in China

Open an IT Company in China

Updated on Tuesday 31st January 2023

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open-an-it-company-in-china.jpgThe Chinese IT market is one of the fastest growing in the world as many companies produce components and software in the country and then export them throughout the world. Investors who want to open an IT company in China can benefit from all of the advantages and opportunities of a fast-growing market as well as from access to millions of internet users in China. Chinese IT companies can focus on distributing various services or solely on production. Regardless of your business scope, our lawyers in China can help you open a Chinese IT company.

Services provided by IT companies in China

The IT industry in China has both large and small or medium-sized companies. Software and hardware producers provide various products and services and these types of products are often exported – especially various hardware components. Chinese companies that provide IT services to their clients will offer the following products and solutions:
- support and maintenance,
- IT consulting and advice for companies and individuals,
- network services for companies,
- software solutions,
- systems integration.
Network providers in China offer general IT services to their clients and operate on a local level. Professional IT services include consulting, outsourcing and education and training. It is expected that the IT industry will continue to increase in the following years. Besides this, if you are planning to apply for a Chinese residency permit, our lawyers can help you with the application process. Most foreigners working in China receive the Foreigner Residence Permit, which is ordinarily valid for one year and renewed annually. However, some (such as business leaders, legal counsel, or investors) are eligible for a permit that is valid for two years. 
Besides this, our Chinese lawyers can guide you in detail on how you can apply for citizenship in China. A passport for China can be obtained in numerous ways, including birth, descent, or naturalization. It is up to you which route you want to take for acquiring citizenship in this country. with the expert legal help of our lawyers, this whole procedure can become hassle-free for you.
For a better understanding of how and why IT companies can be registered in China, we invite you to watch the video below: 


A Chinese IT company

Companies in China that want to enter the IT field need to provide integrated software and hardware solutions or focus on just some key areas. It will also be very important for the future of the company to have access to qualified professionals who will work for them. Chinese IT companies will need to hire employees in the following fields:
- software development;
- network engineering and administration;
- computer science.
Our lawyers in China can help you hire employees or recruit foreign workers for your company in this country. Foreign investors should also know that there are several types of companies which they are allowed to open in China and have full foreign ownership. Our agents can also help you purchase a property in China that will serve as the new business office and draw up any needed documents for the company.
You can also contact our law firm in China if you want to know more about branches and subsidiaries in China.