Marriage in China

Marriage in China

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Marriage-in-China.jpgMarriage in China is possible if at least one of the future spouses is a Chinese citizen or has a Chinese residence permit. The couple must submit the necessary documents at the marriage registration office together with a completed marriage registration form.
Our Chinese lawyers can help you obtain the certificate of marriageability and the marriage certificate. We will also help you with a complete list of the necessary documents, if you want to get married in China, so that the entire process is reduced to the shortest amount of time possible.

Modern day marriage in China

The principles that govern marriage in China have changed from those based on arranged marriages to ones that grant more freedom and legal rights to both partners. The Marriage Law issued in 1980 was an important step towards the modernization of marriage in the country and the influence of the western cultures has also shaped the way in which this legal union is perceived in China. Nowadays more couples in China choose to have western style weddings, as opposed to traditional Chinese weddings.
Although it is easier for Chinese nationals to get married in China, foreigners may also do so, if they wish to have a traditional Chinese wedding. However, at least one of the spouses must possess a residence permit in China in order for the marriage to take place.
Our law firm in China can help you obtain the necessary residence permit, if you are living and working in China and want to start a family there.

Requirements for obtaining the marriage certificate in China

A marriage registration application form must be filled in and submitted at the appropriate marriage registration office (belonging to the jurisdiction where the partner who has a residence permit is registered). The application form must also be accompanied by the following documents:
- if one of the spouses is Chinese - a certificate of  marriageability for the Chinese partner, along with a birth certificate, household registration and health certificate;
- if one of the spouses has a residence permit - a valid passport, a Chinese residence permit, health certificate, a marriageability certificate.
If one of the spouses is Chinese, the couple may need a letter from the parents of the Chinese partner giving permission for their child to marry a foreigner. In addition to these documents, the couple will also have to pay a registration fee and present three photos of themselves, taken together.
The certificate of marriageability is a document that allows an individual to be legally married and proves that he or she is not already married in the home country.
The requirements for marriage applications in China may vary according to the marriage registration office. For assistance during this process and any further information, you can contact our Chinese attorneys
Our attorneys can help you with a number of legal issues concerning Family Law in China including divorce.


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