Legal Services in Beijing

Legal Services in Beijing

Updated on Monday 18th September 2017

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Legal Services in BeijingThe first economic superpower in the world, China encompasses many types of business structures and a specific legislation according to which companies are formed and operated. Any businessman interested in starting a company in China needs to comply with the strict legislation regarding foreign investments. Seeking the legal services of a local law firm is highly recommendable in any business situation. Our lawyers in China provide foreign investors with legal services in Beijing and other major cities within the country.

Legal services available to clients

A wide range of legal services in Beijing is provided by our law firm in China. Assistance in company formation in China is one of the most important legal services offered to foreign investors. Our lawyers in Beijing also guide clients in the process of company registration in China, preparing the relevant documents and drafting the articles of association.

They keep all clients updated with the commercial legislation and investment incentives provided by the local government. Business entities that perform trading activities need to be properly informed about the provisions of the Commercial Code. Our law firm in Beijing can offer legal assistance for trading in China to all interested companies and investors. Among the legal services in Beijing available to clients we mention: 

- debt collection,

- real estate due diligence,

- verification of Chinese companies,

- company relocation in China.

A detailed description of all the legal services which can be delivered in Beijing can be given to you by our attorneys in China.  

Legal services in civil matters in Beijing

Besides the commercial and corporate matters, our solicitors in China can also handle civil matters. Foreign investors and citizens can rely on the professional help of our team if they need to conclude power of attorney in China, if they want to marry a Chinese citizen, to obtain the recognition of foreign judgments in China, to draw a will or to obtain a birth certificate for a child born in China. Legal representation in civil law suits or assistance in setting up a bank account in China are included among the legal services our law firm can offer to clients. You can contact our Chinese law firm if you want to find out more about the legal services available in Beijing.