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Legal Services in Beijing

Updated on Tuesday 19th October 2021

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Legal Services in Beijing

The first economic superpower in the world, China encompasses many types of business structures and specific legislation according to which companies are formed and operated. Any businessman interested in starting a company in China needs to comply with the strict legislation regarding foreign investments.
Seeking the legal services of a local law firm is highly recommendable in any business situation. Our lawyers in China provide foreign investors with legal services in Beijing and other major cities.

Legal services provided by our Beijing law firm


Our law firm in China provides a wide range of legal services in Beijing and other major citites. Assistance for company formation in China is one of the most important legal services offered to foreign investors. Our lawyers in Beijing also guide clients for company registration in China, preparing the relevant documents and drafting the articles of association.
They keep all clients updated with the commercial legislation and investment incentives provided by the local government. Business entities that perform trading activities need to be correctly informed about the provisions of the Chinese Commercial Code. Our law firm in Beijing can offer legal assistance for trading in China to all interested companies and investors. Among the legal services in Beijing available to clients, we mention: 


  • debt collection;
  • real estate due diligence;
  • verification of Chinese companies;
  • company relocation in China and many more.


You can get a detailed description of all the legal services we provide to our clients from our Beijing lawyers.


Legal services in civil and commercial matters in Beijing

China has enacted various laws for natural and legal persons to preserve their interests in all matters. Please find below the legal areas in which our Beijing lawyers can provide you with legal assistance.
Under civil and commercial laws, the skilled lawyers at our law firm in Beijing can provide you with legal representation in matters concerning property and personal relations amid individual entities. Predominantly, these include the General Principles of Civil Law and regulations regarding: the copyright, contracts, auctions, guarantees, marriage, inheritance, adoption and the patents. As far as the commercial law exists, our Beijing lawyers cover issues related to companies, single investor enterprises, insurance, commercial banking, trust, maritime, the securities etc.
The foreign investors and citizens can rely on our Chinese lawyers if they need to conclude power of attorney in China, if they want to marry a Chinese citizen, to obtain the recognition of foreign judgments in China, to draw a will or to obtain a birth certificate for a child born in China. Legal representation in civil lawsuits or assistance in opening a bank account in China is included in our law firm's legal services to clients.


Legal services in economic matters in Beijing


China has enacted laws concerning macro-economic controls, maintaining market order, promoting industrial development, protecting and rationally developing natural resources, etc. Under the broad umbrella of economic laws, the attorneys at our law firm in China can provide you with legal help regarding issues related to budgets, audits, personal income tax, People's Bank of China, tax collection and management.
If you have entered the market of China, you can get legal assistance regarding the law on product quality and the advertising from our Beijing lawyers. Legal assistance can better help you in rooting your feet in the already concentrated business market. Suppose you are seeking legal assistance concerning the industrial sector. In that case, our lawyers can provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding issues related to agriculture, civil aviation, electric power, highways etc. You can further depend on our lawyers if you need to know about the legal regulations regarding forestry, mineral resources, and, land management, etc.


Legal services in criminal matters in Beijing


If you face any criminal law proceedings in China as a plaintiff or defendant, you can get legal assistance from our Beijing lawyers. If you need to file a case, our experienced lawyers will assist you from the application process to the court hearing. If the situation is otherwise, the skilled lawyers at our law firm in Beijing can help you prove your innocence. Criminal cases usually take a lot of time because of the collection of pieces of evidence and witnesses. Still, our litigation lawyers can help you in dispute resolutions without wasting your precious time. In addition, China has enacted more than ten supplementary decisions, legal interpretations, and amendments to affirm the proceeding related to criminal law.

Legal services in social matters in Beijing


Mainly the laws regarding labor, mining safety, and trade union are enacted to safeguard workers' rights. Whereas to ensure security for the disabled, safeguarding the rights and interests of the elderly, minor’s protection, and Safeguarding the rights and interests of women; certain laws are enacted to provide security to the particular groups in the society.
If you are facing any social issue that has the capacity of legal proceedings, you can get in touch with skilled lawyers at our law firm in Beijing

Laws in China


China's legal system covers seven categories that include constitution and constitution-related, social, criminal, commercial and civil, administrative, economic, and the Law on the lawsuit and non-lawsuit procedures. Please find below the number of active laws and regulations in China:
  1. National people's Congress (NPC) and its standing committee has promulgated more than 229 laws that are currently in force in the country;
  2. State Council had issued more than 600 administrative regulations that are now enforced in the country;
  3. About 600 regulations are enacted by the people's congresses of national autonomous areas;
  4. 47,000 local statutes that are currently implemented in the country were enacted by local people's congresses and their standing committees;
  5. China's legal system covers laws that fall under state laws, administrative regulations, and local statutes.
Contact our Beijing lawyers if you need any legal assistance in China. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance about Civil Law in China. If you are a foreigner seeking employment, who has just relocated to China, you can also rely on the legal services of our skilled lawyers. They can guide you regarding employment law in China in detail.