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Updated on Tuesday 23rd April 2019

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Our law firm in China offers a wide range of legal services suited for every business needs of foreign investors who are interested in starting a business in this country or who meet different legal issues during their economic activities. Among the legal services provided by our lawyers in China, we can include assistance for company formation, corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and planning, plus legal advice in civil matters like marriage or divorce.

Setting up a company in China

Foreign entrepreneurs all over the world are attracted by the business opportunities offered by one of the most important economies on the Globe. They can benefit from these opportunities if they open a company in China, helped by our local attorneys. The foreign citizens don’t have to travel to China in order to handle the incorporation procedures, because they can give the power of attorney to one of our Chinese lawyers who will take care of the incorporation and registration procedures. Our attorneys need only the required documents to submit to the local Trade Register and then the foreign investors have to wait for the release of the registration. If foreigners are not accustomed to the types of companies they can set up in China and which is more suitable for their business needs, they may get in touch with our Chinese lawyers for legal assistance and advice and also for additional services, such as accounting or virtual office.
An option for investors who want to bring an already existing business to China is to open a branch or a subsidiary. Our lawyers in China can offer you legal advice about the two options and help you choose the best alternative for your business. After choosing the type of company, the Chinese attorneys will submit the required documents to the local authorities and will deliver all you need for starting your economic activity. For certain types of economic activities in China, the foreign investors will need special permits and licenses and, in order to obtain them, they don’t have to go in front of the Chinese authorities and wait day after day. Our law firm in China can handle the procedure and represent you in front of the local authorities. Do you have litigation with your business partners in China? Contact our lawyers who will represent you in front of any court in this country, in every stage of the litigation.
Below, you can watch a presentation on the main legal services provided by our lawyers in China:


Company mergers and acquisitions in China

Do you need to conclude a contract for a merger or an acquisition in China? Sometimes, the foreign entrepreneurs don’t know the local rules regarding these operations and they need legal advice provided by a Chinese lawyer. He will also assist you in drafting and signing the contracts. Our team of experts can also help you in issues related to closing a business. When it is time to liquidate a company in China, you can count on the legal assistance of our local lawyers. They will explain to you all the legal steps you have to follow and they will help you close your company.

Tax advice and planning

Apart from understanding the basic principles for personal and corporate taxation in China, many foreign entrepreneurs are interested in legal methods for tax minimization and our lawyers can provide the best solutions for reducing the amount owed to the Chinese authorities. 

Legal support for special licenses and permits

Foreign investors should pay attention to all the incorporation formalities, including the ones referring to special licenses and permits. Here is what you need to know about the needed licenses and permits for your business in China:
1. The administrative licenses are necessary for companies with manufacturing and sale activities.
2. Restaurants and shops will need a special license before starting the activities.
3. Companies in the trading sector must obtain a special license from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in China.
4. The licensing process can be observed by our Chinese lawyers.
If you want to know all the legal aspects of business registration in China, feel free to address your inquiries to our team of attorneys in China.

How is litigation solved in China?

Arbitration and meditation are two alternative methods used in cases of litigation in China, matters in which you can receive the legal support of our Chinese attorneys. Our team of advisors can provide the needed legal assistance and representation in the court of law if your company is part of a litigation process. It is important to know that the judicial system in mainland China is not similar to the one provided by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Also, the recognition of foreign judgments is a sensitive subject, however, it can be enforced in a specific way which can be explained by our advisors.

Legal advice for property purchase in China

If you decide to buy a property in China and you need to know all the legal aspects involved, we kindly recommend you get in touch with our team of lawyers in China. It is recommended to have a clear picture of the formalities solicited in cases of property sale and purchase if you are a foreign investor in China. For instance, you might want to pay attention to the following aspects:
  1. Foreigners cannot purchase lands in China or state-owned properties.
  2. Foreigners interested in buying a property in Shanghai need to prove they are married.
  3. Living for at least one year in China is a mandatory condition before buying a property in this country.
  4. The legal status of a branch or subsidiary needs to be verified and provided before a property is bought in China.
  5. The registration for tax purposes is needed once a property is purchased in China.
Looking for business in China and need a property to acquire? Let our team of attorneys in China tell you more about how you can buy a property in this country.

Debt collection in China

Companies facing financial problems like not collecting the payments from collaborators or clients should seek legal advice and support from our debt collectors in China. We mention that our team is at your disposal if you are interested in debt collection services in China, whether you are a domestic or a foreign company with establishments in this country. The debt recovery procedure involves varied steps and starts with a letter of notification addressed to the debtor and continues with the negotiation process which might prolong for a certain period of time. Paying the debts in a fast manner enters the concern of our debt collection lawyers in China. An amicable procedure is normally proposed as soon as the letter of notification is sent. In the case the debtors do not respond, the next thing to do is to initiate the court procedures and solve the case in front of the authorities. Our specialists in debt collection in China are at your disposal if you are interested in collecting payments and recover the debts. Foreigners with businesses in China need to know that the debt recovery methods are made in respect to the local legislation. If you would like to know more about the legal aspects of companies involved in debt collection procedures, we recommend you to solicit the support of our experts at any time. 

Assistance for personal matters in China

Are you planning on moving to China? We can help you obtain the right type of visa and make any further necessary arrangements for living in the country. Depending on your future plans, our lawyers can help you get married in China or draw up a will. We can also help you in drawing up various other types of contracts for business or personal purposes. Also, here is what you need to know if interested in getting married in China:
  • The birth certificate, a medical report plus the certificate of marriageability are needed for getting married in China.
  • The residence permit of the foreign citizen is a necessary document solicited by the registration office.
  • A registration fee needs to be paid before getting married in China.
  • Foreigners may choose the traditional weddings in China or can get married according to the western tradition. 
There are no harsh requirements for getting married in China, however, you should solicit legal advice from our Chinese attorneys if you are a foreigner living in this country.
For more details about the legal services offered by our experts, you can contact our law firm in China.