Intellectual Property in China

Intellectual Property in China

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Intellectual property rights are protected in China by law. The People’s Republic of China observes the most important international conventions for the protection of intellectual property and also has its own laws established by the government regarding the protection of trademarks, copyright issues and registering patents.
In recent years, China has seen an increase in patents registration. They are not only used for inventions, but also for utilities and design purposes. Companies in China want to protect their trademarks, logos and any other items that can make them stand out on the market and help them in the relationship with the customer.
Our lawyers in China offers legal assistance in a number of key areas for intellectual property protection. Our agents can help you register a trademark, file an application for a patent or deal with any other issues regarding intellectual property in China.

Intellectual property rights in China

Because China is part of the World Trade Organization (WTO), its laws and regulations regarding intellectual property rights comply with the agreements and the framework set by the WTO. Although piracy is an issue in China, recent developments are encouraging.
A company that wants to protect its intellectual property in China should register its patents, trademarks and other items with the relevant Chinese authorities. Patent protection in China is valid for 20 years following the date of the application for patent protection. Food, beverages, pharmaceutical products or chemical products as well as many others are patentable. Chinese companies that want to file for a patent should know that patent rights are not given specifically to the inventors, but also to the one who files for patent first.

Trademark and copyright in China

The Chinese Trademark Law allows for the registration of collective marks, certification marks, 3D symbols, signs, sounds, color patterns and many others. Foreign companies in China that commercialize products within the country are advised to register their marks and logos with the China Trademark Office.
Our Chinese lawyers can help you make that registration and also help you register an internet domain. Branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies in China can register trademarks directly. 
Works that have copyright in China do not need to be registered, as in the case of patents or trademarks. International conventions or bilateral agreements grant copyright protection, however, individuals can still register with the National Copyright Administration.
For more details about intellectual property laws in China and how you can protect a trademark, please contact our Chinese law firm.


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