Chinese Courts

Chinese Courts

Updated on Monday 29th August 2016

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Chinese-Courts-190x130.jpgThe Chinese judicial system is one of the three governmental branches in People's Republic of China. Based on civil law with common features after German and French legal systems, Chinese court system has also local characteristics. The Supreme People's Court is the highest court in China and the highest supervising authority as well, over the trial practices of Local People's Courts and Special People's Courts.
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Trial Organs of Supreme People's Court in China

Chinese SPC has the following trial organs that deal with specific legal issues:
1. The First Criminal Court deals with major cases of criminal offense;
2. The Second Criminal Court investigates or deals with appeals submitted by the accused against the verdicts and decisions that are already being enforced. It also supervises trials and corrects mistakes occurred in the trials;
3. The Economic Court deals with major economic disputes;
4. The Civil Court deals with civil cases of national nature;
5. The Administrative Court investigates administrative cases involving organs of the Central Government.

The structure of Supreme People's Court in China

The SPC consists of a president, vice presidents,presiding judges, vice presiding judges and judges. It operates courts of criminal, economic, civil, administrative trials and other courts set up according to actual needs.
The SPC also has a research office, general affairs office, personnel department, office affairs bureau, administrative affairs department, education department,judicial affairs department and foreign affairs bureau. If you are interested in more details about every Chinese court of SPC, our lawyers in China will offer their assistance.

Organizational structure of the SPC

The Supreme People's Court in China has two legal branches:
1. Local People's Court includes:
Higher People's Courts - the highest local court in PRC; report to the people's congresses at provincial level;
Intermediate People's Courts - handleimportant local cases and frequently hear appeal cases from the basic people's courts;
Basic People's Courts - are set up at the county level; handle the first instance cases at the local level and also handle cases that are considered too trivial to require a trial.
2. Special People's Court includes:
Military Court of China has the task to maintain the state security, penalize criminals and protect the people, the legal system and the order of the armed forces; it also consolidates the combat capability of the army and maintain the lawful rights and interests of military men and other citizens;
Railway Transport Court of China deals with cases occurred in the Chinese national railway system;
Maritime Court of China handles cases that involve maritime businesses and does not deal with criminal cases or other civil cases;
Forestry Courts have the job to protect the forests and also deal with cases involving sabotage to forestry resources.
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