The China's Producer Price Index Registered a 5.5% Growth in June 2017

NameThe PPI (Producer Price Index) in China measures the prices of the goods right before they are commercialized on the market. This important index rose by 5.5% in June 2017 compared to the same month in the previous year, according to statistics in China’s economy. Given the numbers, foreign entrepreneurs can analyze the market and establish their businesses while gaining numerous advantages, such as tax benefits. The legislation related to the foreign investments in China can be explained by our lawyers in China who can also offer legal assistance when opening a company in the country.

The PPI decline periods are over in China

The rise of PPI in June comes after a period of decline which ended in February this year. In the first quarter of 2017, the average PPI was 6.6%. Furthermore, the factory-gate price inflation for several processing industries related to ferrous and non-ferrous metal increased compared to 2016, making the petroleum & gas processing industries lower their prices. In these circumstances, the PPI in China remained positive since September 2016. This important improvement came with the help of the government in China which successfully implemented the campaign regarding the reduction of the industrial congestion for an extensive economy in the country.
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The CPI rose by 1.5% in June

The PPI in China is not the only one that registered a growth this year in June, as the CPI (Consumer Price Index) rose by 1.5%, surpassing the expectations made by experts in the economy worldwide. Even though the PPI and the CPI have registered low levels in May this year, the recovery came quite fast and in an efficient manner. We remind that the consumer inflation for 2017 is set at 3%, the same as in the previous year.
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