Shanghai, Top Financial Center by 2020


Investors interested in the business opportunities that may arise in Shanghai, China, are advised to invest here. The city’s authorities have already created several policies, aiming to attract local and foreign citizens with a high degree of specialization in various economic sectors. At the same time, the local environment is influenced in a positive manner by an attractive taxation system, available for both individuals and legal entities. The Chinese authorities have recently announced that they are aiming at turning the city into a top financial center by 2020. Persons interested in receiving more details on this subject can address to our team of attorneys in China, who can assist foreign businessmen in a wide area of corporate matters. 

China Established a Major Railway Project with Indonesia and Thailand


Local or foreign businessmen interested in the business environment available in China should know that the country has recently begun the negotiations for a new railway project. The new railway project will be established between China, Indonesia and Thailand. Entrepreneurs who want to open a company related to this field of activity can receive an in-depth presentation on the subject from our team of Chinese lawyers, who can provide legal assistance for various aspects of the incorporation process. 

Chinese Economy, More Productive in 2015


Chinese economy reported significant financial gains in 2015, a result which has also been noticed in the local labor productivity. Foreign investors interested in the Chinese market should know that at the level 2015, the local economy became more productive, as the labor productivity increased by 6.6%; the index is measured by the individual output of a worker. Investors interested in setting up a company in China can receive an in-depth presentation on the business perspectives that can arise on the Chinese market from our team of lawyers. 

China to Boost Development of Green Industries

Chinese government is interested in enforcing major changes which aim to promote green industries and thus, green consumption. The state has recently invested in several projects which are based on green energies; an important policy in this sense imposed several green objectives which will have to be completed by the Chinese state by 2020. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in China are advised to invest in eco-friendly industries, as the local market provides many opportunities in this sense. Our Chinese law firm can offer you an in-depth presentation on the green energy industry and financial opportunities that may arise from here. 

Luxury Goods Industry, on the Rise in China

Foreign investors interested in the economic environment in China have many business opportunities in which they can invest their financial assets. One industry which is showing positive prospects is the luxury goods market, which has an optimist forecast for the following years. Businessmen who want open a company in China are advised to receive the legal assistance of our team of Chinese lawyers, who can provide a wide area of corporate services. 

China, the World’s Second Largest Market for Tech Start-Ups


Foreign investors interested in the business market available in China should know that the state offers significant opportunities in various industries. One of the most representative fields in China is the tech start-ups market, which has made significant improvements. Businessmen who want to establish a company in China can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Chinese lawyers, who can offer more information on the tech start-ups environment. 

Shanghai's Policies Attract Talents Into Scientific and Innovation Sectors

Foreign investors interested in the business market in China should know that the persons employed in the scientific and technology sectors have a high level of professional skills. The Chinese government enacted half a year ago several policies in order to attract talents in these fields and the results are of significant importance. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses in the research and development field can receive assistance on this matter from our Chinese law firm. 

China, an Important Player in Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region


The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) has recently released a report on the trading activities in the Asia-Pacific region; according to the report, China was the main player in this field. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in the trading field in this region are advised to expand their business activities, as the trading market is offering very good prospects. Our law firm in China can provide you with relevant information on the trading industry developments. 

Over $4.5 Billions Invested in the Chinese Mobile Internet Startups in 2015


Foreign investors interested in opening a business in China should know that the Chinese market offers very attractive investment opportunities in the mobile internet industry. At the level of 2015, startups with operations in the field of mobile internet benefited of investments with a total value of $4.5 billions. The level of investments increased in 2015 by 69.4%, compared to the previous year. Entrepreneurs who are interested in the business opportunities available on the Chinese market can receive an in-depth presentation upon this matter from our law firm in China. 

Chinese Wind Power Capacity, at a New Record High


The Chinese wind power capacity reached a new level in 2015, as an effect of the government policies which aim to develop the clean energy in China. The National Energy Administration stated that the wind power energy increased to 32.97 gigawatts in 2015, increasing with more than 60% from the level of 2014. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in China should know that the clean energy industry will further develop here; our Chinese lawyers can provide you with a detailed presentation on the legislative framework under which this industry operates. 

Auto Industry in China to Progress in 2016

The auto industry in China is expected to progress in 2016 as new technologies and facilities are putting their mark on the industry. Automobile sales are also thought to grow this year, partly due to China’s overall GDP growth. Foreign investors in China who choose to invest in automobiles and the development of new-energy vehicles can contact our lawyers in China for assistance and help with business issues.

Over 30 New Deals Signed by China and Russia


China and Russia have signed over 30 new deals to improve their cooperation in various business sectors. The agreements include new collaborations to build the cross-border section of the Chinese-Russian natural gas pipeline and an important loan. The large number of deals in various fields like energy or finance is important for the future development of the collaboration between the two countries but is it also important for attracting more foreign investments in China.

The VAT Reform in China


Chinese officials plan to complete the awaited VAT reform in the first half of 2016. This measure will simplify the taxation method for businesses in China by merging the business tax and the value added tax into one single tax. The method has been tested in Shanghai and is already applicable in some business fields. You can find out how this measure influences your business from the experts at our law firm in China.

Reform for Encouraging Green Energy

Green industry in China has an important potential for development and for receiving foreign investments. The green industry should be one of the major drivers of China’s economic growth and Chinese authorities are starting to emphasize the importance of this under-exploited business field.

Investments will Play a Key Role in China's Economic Growth


China has prepared its 13th Five Year Plan which will start in 2016 and will end in 2020 and it has become clear that two items will play a crucial role in the country’s development: foreign investments and consumption. The Chinese President has already stated that the country will continue to encourage foreign investors but now the country also aims on focusing on the driver of economic growth: consumption. 

Measures Planed by China to Open Up to the Outside Markets


China aims to implement a series of measures that would encourage consumption and encourage emerging industries, at the same time maintaining a more open attitude towards foreign investments and trying to promote its own official currency in international transactions. 

Reduced Costs for Import/Export Operations between China and Kenya


China and Kenya have agreed to set up an e-commerce service which will allow for reduced logistics costs for import and export activities between the two states. The process will be straightforward, with no intermediaries and reduced risks for investors. If you are a foreign investor in China from Kenya the experts at our law firm in China can help you understand the basic laws for investments in this country.

Russia and China will Boost Trade and Investments between Them


China and Russia will collaborate for a better regulation of insurance activities. This will improve the bilateral relationship between the two countries and will also provide a boost of investments in China and in Russia. The insurance regulatory framework is important for the trade between the two countries and this step is also necessary in the context of the developing Silk Road which will connect Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Importance of the Silk Road from China to the Western Countries

China is implementing an ambitious project to aid its foreign investments and collaboration with Europe and the rest of Asia. The One Belt, One Road initiative will be based on two important pillars which will encourage both land and maritime trade. The project is seen as China’s version of the US Marshall Plan. European companies can already start to think about the benefits brought by this important trade project.

The Estimated Needed Growth for China


Chinese officials have release the latest economic predictions for the country. The country’s Prime Minister believes that the country needs a 6.53 growth per year during the next five years in order to achieve a moderately prosperous society. World economists indicate that the country has had a 6.9 growth during the third quarter of the year. With these figures, China will have to work hard to accomplish such an ambitious target. This optimistic outlook comes after the country’s President has states that China will continue to encourage foreign investments and update its policy ti attract more foreign capital.

Shanghai Encourages R&D Centers


Shanghai is one of the most important Chinese cities to encourage foreign multinational companies to open a research and development center. The city offers certain incentives for such activities and its goal is to become an important global technological hub. The experts at our law firm in China can tell you how you can access these incentives and if your company and business activities qualify for inclusion in an R&D center.

Business Opportunities in the Tourism Sector in China


China is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists enjoy its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and are attracted and intrigued by the different cultural customs. While visitors have long preferred the eastern and southern provinces, western China is becoming more popular. Travel companies in China gamble on the region’s mystery and the historic ancient trade routes to attract more visitors to the country.

China's Mining Industry on the Way to Recover due to the Silk Road Fund


China’s mining industry will receive important funding from the Silk Road Fund in an attempt to revitalize this industry and make it an important sector for investments. The Fund’s leaders have recently decide that they can participate to the mining industry in an effective way. Companies in the mining field will be given an opportunity for consolidation and eventual mergers and acquisitions.

How the Pricing Reform will be Implemented


China plans to abolish price controls on almost all goods and services in certain key sectors. This will be done progressively by 2017 and for this purpose the State Council has released a guideline and also a timetable. The reform on the pricing mechanism will be favorable for private foreign investments in China.

The China-Taiwan Double Tax Agreement


Mainland China and Taiwan have signed a double tax treaty. China and Taiwan didn’t sign this treaty before because of historical reasons. This has been a cause for a hindered economic development and trading activities between the two countries. However, foreign investors in China coming from Taiwan can benefit from this treaty. The experts at our law firm in China can help you with detailed information so that you can take advantage of all the features of this treaty.