Environmental Taxes for Pollutant Companies in China

The environmental tax entered into force at the beginning of this year and it is directed to pollutant companies in China. Such measure was strongly sustained by the Chinese authorities who are now collecting the fees for enterprises which are seen as major pollutants in this country. The business environment in China continues to develop despite the fees imposed, and foreign investors can set up their operations in any important industry. Our lawyers in China can provide investors the necessary support for registration and business formation, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Protecting the environment with effective solutions

The taxation system for pollutant companies in China is quite easy and the mechanism issues the invoice after the number of pollutants are verified. Wastewater, air pollution, solid waste, and noise are criteria for which public institutions and private companies are levied with the environmental tax. This solution was adopted to encourage companies to cut down the pollutant emissions and to protect the environment as much as possible. As it is known, China is home to numerous pollutant factories, and authorities are struggling with the phenomenon for many years. In respect to the rules and regulations in the business climate, foreigners can open companies and start activities in China in a fast manner. Legal support in these matters can be offered by our Chinese attorneys at any time.

How many companies pay the environmental taxes in China?

More than 260,000 enterprises in China are ready to pay the environmental tax imposed in January 2018. Because the structure is simple, taxpayers can do the necessary forms on the internet. The first pollutant company in China which paid such tax was a chemical factory that obtained a tax reduction of USD 90 for having lower pollution emissions compared to the levels imposed by the Chinese authorities. Overall, the target related to this environmental tax is to sustain the pollution control and to promote a “clean and green” business climate in China, a country with so many pollutants.
Having a business in China means entering the stable economy and the respected investment field alongside with major players worldwide. If you want to know more details in this sense, please feel free to contact our law firm in China.