Digital Economy to Develop in China in 2018

China’s infrastructure will meet new levels, as there are so many things to develop with the help of the latest technology. For example, the 5G network will be implemented not only in the main cities and provinces in China but also in the rural area, as a significant part of the “Broadband China” project. Investments from abroad are expected in such important field, and the legislation related is not only permissive but also encouraging. When opening a business in China, it is suggested to ask our Chinese lawyers about all the legal aspects.

Placing strategies in the main fields of interest

Without a doubt, improving the digital economy in China is strongly related to the ways in which the infrastructure can develop. Authorities in China and especially the National Development and Reform Commission sustain the implementation of the 5G network. According to plans, internet users in villages or special regions will have access to the high-speed internet with the help of the 5G network which will soon be implemented in China. The rural areas of the western and central China will be the first zones which will benefit from a whole new level of communication.
Planning investments in China’s significant industries are considered long-term and successful projects. If you want to direct your attention to the communication sector for investments or to any other major field, we suggest you address your concerns to our attorneys in China for legal support.


Trusting the potential of the digital economy in China

According to recent statistics, China expects more than 1 billion 5G internet users by 2023 in a strong competition in this area with countries like USA, Japan or South Korea. The latest tech tests for the 5G network have proved successful and authorities expect a fast implementation of such technology in a large area in China. As an example, the 5G technology will help business persons establish connections worldwide, have access to fast internet and a solid communication.
With a multitude of opportunities on the market, China is open to any business developments and related investments. You are invited to contact our law firm in China for legal support and information in matters of company registration.