Cybersecurity Improvements to be Developed in China

Cyber crimes are registered on a daily basis and even each second in countries around the world. Due to a fast development of the technology and the internet in most industries in the last decades, the frauds have also met significant and worrying growths. In this matter, the Chinese authorities have decided to put the accent as much as possible on cybersecurity in the years to come. Protecting the private data of persons on the internet is the most important thing to focus on, especially with the new rules and regulations adopted this year. The legal aspects of how the personal data is protected in China or information about how you can set up a business in this country can be obtained from our Chinese lawyers.

Criminal charges for hackers in China

For many years, the security on the internet has always been put on debates at conventions worldwide. Because the technology develops in a fast manner, and cyber crimes too, the authorities in China have recently adopted a set of laws which regards a higher protection for clients on the internet, and also punishments for persons who sell private data. The main fields in which breaches of personal data have been registered at a high level are the telecommunication, the financial sector, and the sensitive infrastructure. In regards with the legislation of this country, our attorneys in China can help you set up a business in the country.

The cross-border private data, a serious concern

The representatives of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have highlighted that the information which should be 100% protected on the internet have been breached on a daily basis although the struggle to fight with such issue hasn’t stopped. The main target for the years to come is to develop all kinds of alternatives and applications through which the personal data would not be available overseas. This is part of the overall improvements in cybersecurity, by analyzing how online products and services can be better secured before entering the Chinese market. The cyber crimes in China can be controlled, if not stopped for good, if a better communication between companies and representatives of the general public in China is provided. Also, a proper research of the internet use from a social point of view should be considered.
An interested and appreciated business environment in China calls for investors to open companies and to benefit from a favorable tax regime. If you are interested in this matter, please feel free to contact our law firm in China for complete legal support.