Chinese Authorities Ask for International Cooperation to Improve the Efficiency of the Power Grid

In the past few years, China provided complete interest on innovative technologies and all sorts of ways to promote a smart living. In this category, the industry plays a major role and continues to improve on a daily basis. At this time, the authorities focus on the efficiency of the power grid and ask for international support. Investments are always welcomed in China and details about the applicable legislation can be offered by our lawyers in China.

Encouraging the creative teamwork in China

Each year, the energy conference scheduled in different countries bring people and ideas together and settle future projects. This time, China put on a debate the possibility of working at an international level to improve the productivity and consistency of the power grid in the country. A state-owned power grid company in China wants to enhance the methods in which the power grid structure can be more economical, safer and sustainable. This is part of a big plan that involves China’s energy system and the power supply which can be improved with innovative technologies and foreign support.
Entrepreneurs from abroad can set up companies and make all sorts of investments not only in China’s energy sector but in other industries too. Legal advice and information in this sense can be offered by our Chinese attorneys.

Switzerland sustains China’s plans

China has solid connections with countries worldwide in a wide range of businesses and domains, Switzerland being one of them. The collaboration between the two countries in the energy sector is not new, on the contrary, China wants to strengthen the relations, exchange ideas and technical projects, in order to identify the ways in which the power grid can be even more efficient. Moreover, the current technology developed between China and Switzerland will be soon implemented and adopted by other countries worldwide.
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