China's Farmland Quality to be Improved by 2020

China-s-Farmland-Quality-to-be-Improved-by-2020.jpgThe land quality in China has caught the attention of the authorities who have decided to improve the conditions of the arable land area in the country. There have been particular decisions made in this field and one of them is to avert the unnecessary abuse of groundwater and develop the irrigation system. Even if numerous foreign investments have been made in the Chinese agriculture, there is always an open door for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to successfully bet on this important part of the economy in China. The legislation related to the investments in China can be properly explained by our lawyers in China.

Measurements to develop the arable land quality in China

The focus on the quality of the farmland in China regards several measurements the authorities consider they can implement by 2020. Among these, it is mentioned that the level of pesticides and the chemical fertilizers should be diminished as much as possible. Even more, the government considers that the forest area in China should grow by 23% by 2020. The production of grains in China has been taken into consideration because there are strong reasons to believe it will stabilize at around 550 million tons if the farmland quality will meet improvements as fast as possible.
There has always been a solid interest in investments made in the agricultural sector in China, among many others, and the improvement of the farmland quality which is set as a major economic plan by the end of 2020 should be sufficient for foreigners to direct their attention in this area. We remind that our Chinese attorneys are able to provide to businessmen from abroad guidance and support when setting up companies in China.

The agricultural field in China

With several plans agreed in the agronomic sector in China which aims at the enhancement of the farmland quality, the government sets new rules regarding the recycling ways of animal waste, plastics and straw, considering that green farms are sustainable projects for development by 2020. It is good to know that the agriculture in China is the main resource in the country, where numerous improvements can be adopted for satisfying the growing demand on the market.
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