China's Consumer Price Index Grew Above Expectations in February 2018

According to recent statistics and information, China’s consumer price index (CPI) grew by 1.5% in February compared to January 2018. The growth was above expectations in China and the experts in economy consider that this is only a stage, a very important one, in the overall developments predicted for this year. A business person can set up companies in China and benefit from varied incentives and a stable business environment. The legal aspects in this direction can be explained by our lawyers in China.

Seasonal factors stood at the base of CPI growth

The recent events in China (the Spring Festival and other holidays) impacted the upsurge of CPI in February 2018. According to latest statistics, the consumer price index rose 2.9% year-on-year in February in China. Even though the food prices grew in this period, this wasn’t a discouraging method, on the contrary, it has sustained the growth of CPI. Considering the market expectations and the rise of CPI, the authorities think that the CPI will remain stable in March, and furthermore, it will set the annual inflation at a rate of 2.5%.
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No high inflation in 2018 in China

The CPI target for 2018 in China is set at around 3%, just like for 2017, the authorities concentrating on a careful monetary policy. Also, it is expected a moderate inflation in 2018 and no further fluctuations in this direction. As for the producer price index in China (PPI), this rose by 3.7%  year-on-year in February and it is expected to remain around this number for the entire year.
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