China to Develop the Digital Economy at a Global Level

According to recent studies in China, the international economic development can be successfully boosted by the digital economy if countries will collaborate in this direction. Known as a major global player on the market and seen as a powerful business hub, China is at disposal of any state interested in achieving sustainable results with the help of the IT strategies and policies. Foreign investors can benefit from an advantageous business climate in China, but if you want to know more about the legislation on foreign investments in this country, you can talk to one of our Chinese lawyers.

Giving credits to a global cooperation for great achievements

China is not only a trustworthy and cooperant global partner but also the country which completely sustains the proper implementation of technology in any field of interests. The representatives in this zone consider that many countries should gather and collaborate with China for strengthening the digital economy by putting the accent on cybersecurity, protection of data and complete network conveniences in any domain. The cross-border e-commerce met a significant growth in recent years and it is among fields with full potential on profits in China. Likewise, the digital economy showed varied signs of developments, as the Chinese government expects this domain to be worth around $16 trillion in the years to come. Investors can enter the IT sector in China as there are numerous projects which can prove successful and profitable.
These kinds of projects will help the overall digital economy in China and will represent a trustworthy starting point for leading countries worldwide who can join China for further developments in this direction. As for the legal aspects when opening a business in China, it is suggested to address your inquiries to our attorneys in China.

The internet is expected to meet new numbers in China

The authorities put a complete accent on the development of the internet in China in recent years through varied projects. For instance, the “Internet Plus” plan is part of the national IT growth in China, being sustained by varied procedures and approaches, where foreign investments are playing an important role. According to numbers, China registers at the moment around 750 million citizens who use the internet through varied devices and platforms, but the numbers will transform significantly this year.
Making investments in China as foreign entrepreneurs are subject to several requirements and legal aspects which is why we invite you to contact our law firm in China for further details and assistance.