China and UK Agreed on a Financial and Economic Plan

China-and-UK-Agreed-on-a-Financial-and-Economic-Plan.jpgChina and the United Kingdom have always cooperated in different areas of interests, dealing with significant economic plans. The collaboration is still fruitful nowadays and the investment opportunities are arising with the new business plan, the London-Shanghai Stock Connect. On the other hand, it is good to know that our Chinese lawyers can offer details about the legal services available for you or for your company in China.

A daring initiative will attract the foreign investors

Chinese and UK investors are already examining the new business occasions in the financial services area, which seems to be part of a new long-term plan. In other words, the London-Shanghai Stock Connect is set to change 8 main fields and to improve the markets in the years to come. The 8 important domains and projects that China and the UK agreed on for the next financial and economic plan are:
insurances and pensions;
green finance;
China’s Belt and Road Initiative;
the capital markets;
FinTech Bridge;
financial inclusion;
asset management;
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Important initiatives settled between China and UK

Many financial sectors from China and UK have settled upon future plans and important initiatives have been approved. The UK insurance enterprises who wish to join the Chinese market will benefit from many incentives. The limit to foreign ownerships in China will be gradually raised up and more freedom will be provided. Many British banks are interested in opening branches in China. It is good to know, China is struggling to develop as many green businesses as possible, therefore, a strong collaboration in this area between the two countries is meant to be established in the next few years.
According to specialists, London is a major financial player worldwide and China is willing to implement brand new strategies, regulatory approvals, and economy liberalization. The London and Shanghai Stock Connect project might represent a step forward for the tactical cooperation between China and UK, which will contain daring opportunities in the tough economic battle where everyone wants to be a global powerful player.
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