China and Russia to Boost Economic Relations in 2017

China and Russia to Boost Economic Relations in 2017.jpgThe economic relations between China and Russia have solid backgrounds and are reinforced each year, where diversification plays an important role in key sectors. Before the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit which will be held in China this year, two of the major countries have announced their intentions of boosting the economic ties, as numerous projects will be put on a debate. The aim is to gain common benefits among many other aspects. Foreign businessmen looking to invest in China’s major sectors are invited to solicit legal support and recommendations from our Chinese lawyers. They can also provide information about the legislation regarding the taxation in the country.

Important projects to be developed by China and Russia

The China Belt and Road Initiative is an important project developed in strong collaboration with Russia, as the countries propose to strengthen the trading activities. China and Russia consider that the non-energy sectors should be expanded and explored to full potential this year, of course, in a viable way. The development of infrastructure seems to be the preferred subject for both China and Russia, two countries with vast territories which need a proper infrastructure, in some places starting from nothing planned.

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Investments in the infrastructure in China and Russia

The opportunities for Chinese direct investments in Russia are created by the process of import substitution industrialization, according to experts, but with benefits for both countries. For instance, a higher profit rate can be achieved with new investments and job opportunities in the infrastructure sector.

The non-energy sector will meet new numbers this year

Besides the oil and gas trades, China and Russia want to focus on the potential of exports which involve other items besides the raw materials. According to recent statistics, China and Russia have traded goods worth about $25 billion. The two countries want to discover innovative ways to develop the economy, besides strengthening the current bilateral ties.
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