China and Germany to Develop Strategic Collaboration in the Auto Sector

China and Germany to Develop Strategic CollaborationThe collaboration between China and Germany in the automotive industry meets new levels, as the countries want to focus on new models of electric cars made by a Chinese company which at the beginning started with only 16 employees. As many investment opportunities arise in China in varied areas, foreign businessmen are invited to test the market, including the automotive industry which aligns with the present technology. Our lawyers in China are able to offer legal advice for interested entrepreneurs who want to make investments in the country.

A new era in electric cars sector in China

In a continuous search for alternatives for traditional cars and fuel, China and Germany have cooperated in the automotive sector for more than 20 years, the business relationship designing currently new plans related to the development of electric cars. The main target is to provide customers excellent products by using the global resources. While Germany supplied with top technology, China offered the financial support while exploring the market in this area, with a complete accent on the new energy field. The research continues to meet new levels and the German car producer of Mercedes will receive battery management systems for electric cars made in China
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China and Germany, a partnership with benefits

The cooperation between China and Germany is based on shared values and welfares, the two countries wanting to develop the automotive sector with top technology implemented on the electric cars. According to statistics, the requests in this area continue to grow, as numerous customers are interested in new models of electric cars and alternatives to traditional vehicles based on gas.
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