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Environmental Taxes for Pollutant Companies in China


The Environmental tax entered into force at the beginning of this year and it is directed to pollutant companies in China. Such measure was strongly sustained by the Chinese authorities who are now collecting the fees for enterprises which are seen as major pollutants in this country. The business environment in China continues to develop despite the fees imposed, and foreign investors can set up their operations in any important industry. Our lawyers in China can provide investors the necessary support for registration and business formation, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Corporate Fees in China to be Reduced in order to Develop the Economy


After several debates and overviews of the Chinese economy, a conclusion was made in this sense by the government. This aims to enhance the real economy by reducing the corporate fees and all sorts of taxes. This sum up approximately USD 48 billion and the Chinese State Council expects this to be a solid and a fruitful measure for future improvements. Foreigners can benefit in this sense by low corporate fees, but before making any investment, we suggest you get in touch with our team of lawyers in China for legal advice.