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Chinese Authorities Ask for International Cooperation to Improve the Efficiency of the Power Grid


In the past few years, China provided complete interest on innovative technologies and all sorts of ways to promote a smart living. In this category, the industry plays a major role and continues to improve on a daily basis. At this time, the authorities focus on the efficiency of the power grid and ask for international support. Investments are always welcomed in China and details about the applicable legislation can be offered by our lawyers in China.

China's Consumer Price Index Grew Above Expectations in February 2018


According to recent statistics and information, China’s consumer price index (CPI) grew by 1.5% in February compared to January 2018. The growth was above expectations in China and the experts in economy consider that this is only a stage, a very important one, in the overall developments predicted for this year. A business person can set up companies in China and benefit from varied incentives and a stable business environment. The legal aspects in this direction can be explained by our lawyers in China.