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China to Become the World's Largest Importer


If at the moment, the largest importer for countries worldwide is, according to statistics, the USA, a force on an international plan, the things are about to change, as China is expected to switch places. With a solid background in this direction, China is already considered a significant party in the overall trading field. Foreigners who want to invest in China’s stable business sector can talk about legislation matters with our Chinese lawyers.

How the Environmental Protection Tax Will Affect Companies in China


Fighting pollution has always been a top priority for China, and all the measure taken so far have not discouraged the business climate and the investors from abroad. Even if the authorities have decided for an environmental protection tax imposed on existing companies in China, this is not going the affect the overall activities in the country. The main purpose is to lower the level of pollution with all kinds of innovative solutions. All investors can enter the Chinese market and set up companies, as the legislation in this sense is favorable. If you need legal counseling in company issues in China, we suggest you talk to one of our Chinese lawyers.