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Digital Economy to Develop in China in 2018


China’s infrastructure will meet new levels, as there are so many things to develop with the help of the latest technology. For example, the 5G network will be implemented not only in the main cities and provinces in China but also in the rural area, as a significant part of the “Broadband China” project. Investments from abroad are expected in such important field, and the legislation related is not only permissive but also encouraging. When opening a business in China, it is suggested to ask our Chinese lawyers about all the legal aspects.

Cybersecurity Improvements to be Developed in China


Cyber crimes are registered on a daily basis and even at a second in each country. Due to a fast development of the technology and the internet in most industries in the last decades, the frauds have also met significant and worrying growths. In this matter, the Chinese authorities have decided to put the accent as much as possible on cybersecurity in the years to come. Protecting the private data of persons on the internet is the most important thing to focus on, especially with the new rules and regulations adopted this year. The legal aspects of how the personal data is protected in China or information about how you can set up a business in this country can be obtained from our Chinese lawyers.