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Pollution Reduction in China: How Companies Deal with the Problem?

It is a well-known fact that China is a country which fights continuously against pollution. The Chinese authorities have always focused on how this environmental problem can be diminished and took several measures to improve the life of citizens. China is known as the world leading country in manufacturing, where big international companies have activities and a skilled workforce to count on. Investors are welcomed in China and can be guided for a better introduction on the market by registering companies with the help of our Chinese lawyers.

Fintech Partnership Between China and Australia


The financial technology or fintech as it is known, is nowadays on top priorities of companies who want to develop all kinds of facilities for customers activating in the financial sector. On this subject, China’s regulators had several debates and meetings with the ones in Australia and established important agreements in this matter. Most of the investments in China are directed in the country’s tech sectors, and investors should consider the advantages and the profits in this area. In legislation issues, our lawyers in China can provide support and legal advice on request.