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E-Commerce Businesses to be Helped by Robots in China

In matters of engineering and top technology, China is a well-known country which develops daily and offers numerous products and services which serve to life improvement worldwide. This time, the attention is directed to the ways in which the industrial robots can be used in varied warehouse issues in China. As it is known, investors are open for business on the Chinese market, and if you are interested in this matter, we suggest you obtain information about the legislation on foreign investments from our lawyers in China.

China's Farmland Quality to be Improved by 2020


The land quality in China has caught the attention of the authorities who have decided to improve the quality of the arable land area in the country. There have been particular decisions made in this field and one of them is to avert the unnecessary abuse of groundwater and develop the irrigation system. Even if numerous foreign investments have been made in the Chinese agriculture, there is always an open door for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to successfully bet in this important part of the economy in China. The legislation related to the investments in China can be properly explained by our lawyers in China.