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A New Record for China's Game Industry


Without a doubt, China is a leader in mobile technology, a very important sector where numerous investments have been made. With about $14,5 billion profits registered in the first half of 2017, China continues this positive trend until the end of the year and furthermore. Businessmen interested in making investments in China’s main industry, including the mobile tech sector, are invited to ask for complete legal assistance from our Chinese lawyers.

Investments in China's Railway System Will Hit New Records


Considering the high potential offered by a suitable infrastructure as part of business plans in significant sectors, China proposed to focus on the railway investments, which so far seem to be a very good plan, according to the numbers. For example, the railway investments in China sum up around $ 45 million only for the first six months of this year. With strong plans ahead in this area, China is expected to conclude the year with even more foreign investments in the infrastructure, especially in the railway sector.

China to Become More Attractive for Foreign Investors


China has always been an attractive country for foreign investors, with an accessible market and legislation among many others. The same trend continues as the country is trying to improve the business environment with varied incentives like a free movement of profits of companies with establishments in China. For a proper understanding of the legislation related to foreign investments and the way of doing business in China, it is best to ask for legal support and advice from our Chinese lawyers.

IMF: China, the First Economic Superpower in the World


According to the latest figures of the IMF, China has become the first superpower in the world, putting the USA in second place for the first time in 142 years. This is due to the transformation of the Chinese economy into a manufacturing and exporting hub over the last decades. China has witnessed a major economic growth, averaging 10% annually. The Chinese economy is worth 17.6 trillion dollars, while the American one reaches 17.4 trillion dollars. Our lawyers in China can tell you more about the legislation concerning investments in the local economy.

Chinese Economy Recorded a Major Growth in Q1 2017


In the first quarter of 2017, the Chinese economy grew by 6.9% due to credit increase and property sales. The major industry investments and the start of long-term construction projects are the reasons why the Chinese economy recorded a major growth in Q1 2017. China`s economy witnessed its strongest quarterly performance in the last 18 months, slightly higher than the analysts' expectations. Comprehensive legal advice regarding foreign investments in the local economy can be given to you by our lawyers in China.