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The China's Producer Price Index Registered a 5.5% Growth in June 2017

The PPI (Producer Price Index) in China measures the prices of the goods right before they are commercialized on the market. This important index rose by 5.5% in June 2017 compared to the same month in the previous year, according to statistics in China’s economy. Given the numbers, foreign entrepreneurs can analyze the market and establish their businesses while gaining numerous advantages, such as tax benefits. The legislation related to the foreign investments in China can be explained by our lawyers in China who can also offer legal assistance when opening a company in the country.

China and Germany to Develop Strategic Collaboration in the Auto Sector


The collaboration between China and Germany in the automotive industry meets new levels, as the countries want to focus on new models of electric cars made by a Chinese company which at the beginning started with only 16 employees. As many investment opportunities arise in China in varied areas, foreign businessmen are invited to test the market, including the automotive industry which aligns with the present technology. Our lawyers in China are able to offer legal advice for interested entrepreneurs who want to make investments in the country.