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Moody's: China’s Economic Growth Maintained a High Level in 2016


China is enjoying the economic stability it gained since the beginning of 2016. According to Moody’sChina will properly end this year because the government continued to offer suitable fiscal and monetary stimulation in many important industries in the country.

China and UK Agreed on a Financial and Economic Plan

China and the United Kingdom have always cooperated in different areas of interests, dealing with many interesting economic plans. The collaboration is still fruitful and investment opportunities are arising with the new business plan which implies the London-Shanghai Stock Connect. On the other hand, it is good to know that our Chinese lawyers can offer details about the legal services available for you or for your company in China.

Chinese Rules Related to Property


The Property Law in China provides a comprehensive framework on any legal matter related to property in this country. The legislation was adopted at the Tenth National People’s Congress, in 2007. The legislation became applicable starting with 1st October 2007. The Act prescribes the basic principles related to property in China, it states the ways in which a property can be registered here or on the protection of property. Our team of lawyers in China can provide legal assistance on the regulations prescribed by the property legislation applicable here. 

What Type of Company Can I Open in China?


Foreign investors can open a company in China under one of the legal entities available in this country. The legal framework related to the incorporation of a company is given by the Company Law. Foreign businessmen can register only several types of legal entities, out of all the business forms prescribed under the Chinese law. Our team of lawyers in China can assist investors with more details on the legal aspects related to the incorporation, as well as on the rights and obligations deriving from the statutory documents of the respective entity.