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The Number of Registered Companies in China Met a Significant Growth


According to recent economic reports regarding private sectors, China is still on top countries with industrial growth and increased business confidence. Foreign businessmen are aware of the incredible potential in this country and are also encouraged to set up companies in China.

Major Infrastructure Projects for Beijing Overcrowded Metropolitan Area


Besides, medicine, education, agronomy or science programs discussed for the five-year plan, China has also put on the debate the development of the green transportation in the major cities. The country’s huge implication in this area has revealed 10 brand new construction projects for the next five years.

Why Invest in China?


China has always offered a powerful investment platform, and as it is known, the country is a strong player in the international market in many interesting domains. There are many investment opportunities in China, and if you are interested in this matter, our Chinese lawyers can provide you with suitable information and legal assistance.

China, Mongolia and Russia to Build a Trilateral Economic Corridor


China, Russia and Mongolia, have developed a plan to create an important economic corridor that proposes to increase regional cooperation related to transportation connectivity and economic support at the borders.

China has Strengthen the Bilateral Collaboration with Cuba

There have been around 30 signed agreements between China and Cuba and the end of September 2016, regarding various economic agreements. The successful diplomatic relations where established 56 years ago, and aimed the mutual political trust besides a good economic and business cooperation.