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The Annual Growth Target for Chinese Economy, Set at 7%


China’s economy is a powerful player among the global economies and it contributes with one third of the total economic international growth. According to the latest reports, China is daily becoming more sustainable and is moving successfully towards services and domestic demand developments.

Invest in China’s IT Market, the Fourth Largest in the World


The IT industry in China is a significant motivation for economic evolution in these modern times, and has seriously encouraged viable growth, changing mankind’s way of living. There are many investment opportunities in China’s IT industry, with new potential revolutions in data technology, so many foreign investors properly analyze the market.

China Ratifies an International Agreement on Climate Change


After many negotiations, before the G20 summit this year, China and the US have announced that they will ratify the Paris Climate Agreement. This is an important step forward regarding the reduction of global gas emissions, a matter that concerns everyone in the last decade.

Opportunities for Investments on the Real Estate Market in China


Many foreign investors are carefully measuring what’s new on the real estate market in China, a proper domain for investments. Being one of the worlds’ most developed economy, China offers suitable opportunities and stable investments in the real estate sector.

Investments in Chinese Stocks, Recommended on the Long Term

It is a normal thing for foreign businessmen to look for developed countries and to analyze all the investment opportunities that might appear. China is one of the most powerful countries in the world, a force on the economical market, with many investment openings.