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Top Trading Partners of China


Dubai remains one of the most important trading partners of China, as revealed by the Dubai Customs recently. China is an important importer and exporter and its top trading partners include countries like the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. China managed to become one of Dubai’s largest trading partners in 2014 and since then the bilateral and foreign investment relations between the two countries have improved.

Top Foreign Direct Investments in China at the Beginning of 2016


Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore were the top three foreign direct investment sources for the Chinese Mainland during January and April this year. Other countries also have important investment projects underway during the first half of 2016.

China: Lower Taxes for the Chinese Logistics Sector


China encourages development in the logistics sector through a series of beneficial measures and policies that promise to reduce the taxes and costs in this business sector. Reports indicate that China’s logistics sector grew steadily in 2015, despite the restructuring that is underway in the country’s industrial sector.