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The Hotel Tax Burden in China will be Reduced by 20%

The owners of Beijing's most appreciated hotels expect that the value added tax reform will cut their tax burden by around 20%. Their reaction comes as a rejection of the statement made by the representatives of international hotels who claimed they will have to increase their prices to offset the influence of the tax reform.

New Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Italy and China


China and Italy have decided to improve collaboration and they try to merge their individual progress plans to guarantee a healthy and maintainable development of bilateral affairs. China is prepared to search and discover new areas of cooperation, step up efforts to produce interaction between development strategies of the two states and promote long-term, healthy and stable growth of bonds, as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi declared when he met the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Revitalization Plans in the Northeast Region of China


Chinese officials have announced their plans to revitalize the country’s northeast region through a series of reforms, restructurings and more support for private firms and foreign companies investing in the area. Some of the business sectors that will receive support in this region include the equipment-manufacturing sector, agriculture, and services. The northeast region of China holds important potential for development and this is a step towards encouraging investments in the country’s northeast rustbelt region.

The Main Chinese Cities Appealing to Foreigners


Persons interested in relocating to China or those who want to study here should know that there are several major cities to which foreigners seem to prefer when moving to China. A study conducted on 20,000 expats living in China, which took place during the second half of 2015, revealed the top 10 cities in which foreigners choose to live. Those who want to receive more information on the legal requirement established by the Chinese authorities for expats living in China can address to our team of attorneys, who can offer a detailed presentation on the living conditions available here. 

Fiscal Reform for a Unified VAT Regime


A special program in China aims at unifying the value added tax regime in the country. This measure is part of a much larger set of economic measures that will help sustain economic growth in the future and boost foreign investments in China.