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The Chinese Government Offers Financial Incentives to Export Businesses


Foreign investors involved in trading activities should know that the Chinese government provides a set of financial incentives for export companies established in China. The measure is imposed in order to develop the level of exports registered here. Businessmen who are interested to receive more details on the incentives offered by the local authorities can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Chinese lawyers. 

Business Sentiment Indicator Improved in China


China’s business sentiment indicator improved in April to 50.5, compared to 49.9 in March, according to the latest survey issued by Market News International, a leading provider of economic data and business insight. This is a sign that the economy is recovering and that the conditions among Chinese large and medium-sized companies are favourable. Investments in China are likely to receive a positive boost because of this economic stabilization and an overall better business confidence.

Increase of 7.6% for the Chinese Service Sector in Q1 of 2016


Those who are interested in the business prospects that can arise on the Chinese market should know that the service sector started 2016 with a solid growth, established at 7.6%. The Chinese government enacted policies to boost the local consumption and the first results have been noticed in the service sector, which surpassed any other type of financial sectors. Foreign investors who want to find out more details on the characteristics of the Chinese market can receive an in-depth presentation on this topic from our team of lawyers in China. 

China Lowers Corporate Social Contributions by 2.5% Points


An important news for both local and foreign investors with business operations in China is that the local authorities have recently announced that the social contributions paid by corporations will be reduced by 2.5%. The legislation has been introduced in several regions of the country; Shanghai also declared it will impose the same measure, thus becoming the seventh district that promotes tax reductions, which aim to reduce the corporate burden.  Businessmen who want to receive more details on this matter can address to our team of Chinese lawyers, who can provide legal advice on the new taxation measure. 

Significant Development for Property Market in Shanghai


Persons interested in purchasing a home in Shanghai, China, or foreign investors who want to establish a business here in the real estate domain should know that Shanghai is the main city in this field, as the property market is thriving. The real estate industry has been recently pushed forward by a new governmental policy related to the sum of money individuals should pay when buying a property. Persons who want to receive more details on this matter can address our team of lawyers, who can provide you with assistance on the real estate market available in China; at the same time, our lawyers can represent you through the purchase process.