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Shanghai's Policies Attract Talents Into Scientific and Innovation Sectors

Foreign investors interested in the business market in China should know that the persons employed in the scientific and technology sectors have a high level of professional skills. The Chinese government enacted half a year ago several policies in order to attract talents in these fields and the results are of significant importance. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses in the research and development field can receive assistance on this matter from our Chinese law firm. 

China, an Important Player in Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region


The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) has recently released a report on the trading activities in the Asia-Pacific region; according to the report, China was the main player in this field. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in the trading field in this region are advised to expand their business activities, as the trading market is offering very good prospects. Our law firm in China can provide you with relevant information on the trading industry developments. 

Over $4.5 Billions Invested in the Chinese Mobile Internet Startups in 2015


Foreign investors interested in opening a business in China should know that the Chinese market offers very attractive investment opportunities in the mobile internet industry. At the level of 2015, startups with operations in the field of mobile internet benefited of investments with a total value of $4.5 billions. The level of investments increased in 2015 by 69.4%, compared to the previous year. Entrepreneurs who are interested in the business opportunities available on the Chinese market can receive an in-depth presentation upon this matter from our law firm in China. 

Chinese Wind Power Capacity, at a New Record High


The Chinese wind power capacity reached a new level in 2015, as an effect of the government policies which aim to develop the clean energy in China. The National Energy Administration stated that the wind power energy increased to 32.97 gigawatts in 2015, increasing with more than 60% from the level of 2014. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in China should know that the clean energy industry will further develop here; our Chinese lawyers can provide you with a detailed presentation on the legislative framework under which this industry operates.