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Russia and China will Boost Trade and Investments between Them


China and Russia will collaborate for a better regulation of insurance activities. This will improve the bilateral relationship between the two countries and will also provide a boost of investments in China and in Russia. The insurance regulatory framework is important for the trade between the two countries and this step is also necessary in the context of the developing Silk Road which will connect Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Importance of the Silk Road from China to the Western Countries

China is implementing an ambitious project to aid its foreign investments and collaboration with Europe and the rest of Asia. The One Belt, One Road initiative will be based on two important pillars which will encourage both land and maritime trade. The project is seen as China’s version of the US Marshall Plan. European companies can already start to think about the benefits brought by this important trade project.

The Estimated Needed Growth for China


Chinese officials have release the latest economic predictions for the country. The country’s Prime Minister believes that the country needs a 6.53 growth per year during the next five years in order to achieve a moderately prosperous society. World economists indicate that the country has had a 6.9 growth during the third quarter of the year. With these figures, China will have to work hard to accomplish such an ambitious target. This optimistic outlook comes after the country’s President has states that China will continue to encourage foreign investments and update its policy ti attract more foreign capital.

Shanghai Encourages R&D Centers


Shanghai is one of the most important Chinese cities to encourage foreign multinational companies to open a research and development center. The city offers certain incentives for such activities and its goal is to become an important global technological hub. The experts at our law firm in China can tell you how you can access these incentives and if your company and business activities qualify for inclusion in an R&D center.