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Better Investment Climate in China: Improved Cyber Security


Chinese President Xi Jinipig wishes to combat cyber espionage and provide for better internet security, an issue that it addressed recently during a meeting with one of the most important foreign investors in the country, the United States. The Chinese president has already talked about improving the business climate in the country and now it appears that he wished to work to the U.S. to address the cyber warfare problem. This could spell good news for foreign investors in China, especially those interested in the ICT sector.

New Tax Assessment Mechanism for Tax Treaty Benefits Claims


China will introduce a new self-assessment mechanism to allow for better access to tax treaty benefit claims. This is an important step towards simplifying tax administration in the country and it will come as beneficial for companies and individuals who benefit from the provisions of the double tax treaties signed by China. The experts at our law firm in China can give you complete details about the tax benefit claim system.

President Jinping: Attracting Foreign Investment is our Long-Term Policy

President Xi Jiniping has recently declared that China will continue to maintain a pro-foreign investments policy.  This is great news for current and future foreign investors in China who will benefit from this long-term policy instituted by the president. Our lawyers in China can help you understand the applicable laws for investments in China if you are looking towards opening a company.

Chinese Innovation Zones for Boosting Economic Growth


China plans to enact a long-term plan to boost innovation, foreign investments and economic growth. The government wishes to work with eight selected regions (for now considered pilot zones) that will act as innovation hubs. Investment remains one of the most efficient ways for the country to record economic growth. The experts at our Chinese law firm can help you invest if you are a foreign entrepreneur. 

New Tax Exemptions for Long-Term Investors in China

Chinese investors who have held a stock for more than one year will benefit from a new 5 percent dividend tax reduction. The Chinese Ministry of Finance made this announcement earlier this week, when the authorities issued a statement jointly released with the tax authority in China and the securities regulator. The experts at our law firm in China can give you detailed information about how this tax reduction can apply to you.

Plans to Encourage Investments for Small Companies in China


Chinese officials plan to introduce new policies to encourage growth. These are mainly focused on helping small and micro businesses in China and, for this purpose, the Chinese government plans to set up an additional fund, amounting to approximately 60 billion Yuan (almost 9.5 billion $). If you own a small company, the experts at our law firm in China can help you with additional information about accessing special funds for enterprises.