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The Environmental Protection Tax Law in China


The Chinese government has decided to introduce a new environmental protection tax (EPT) which will replace the existing pollutant discharge fee (PDF) and will allow for a better taxation principle in this area. The law has been drafted and released in order to solicit public comments. Our lawyers in China can tell you how this new law will affect you and what new tax obligations you will have to observe in China.

Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia


China and Australia have signed a free trade agreement which will allow for a better collaboration and exchange between the two countries. Under the free trade agreement (FTA), many goods will have zero trade taxes. This treaty is also an opportunity for foreign investors in China coming from Australia as well as vice versa. Our Chinese lawyers can tell you how this treaty and other bilateral agreements can influence your business.

Policy Improvements for Company Mergers in China


The Chinese Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation released two policies meant to encourage company mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the country. Two additional Public Notices also help regulate the administration of corporate restructuring as well as the tax treatment for this process, especially when it involved natural persons. Our lawyers in China can provide detailed information as well as legal advice and assistance for company mergers and acquisitions in the country.