Pollution Reduction in China: How Companies Deal with the Problem?

Pollution-reduction-in-China-how-companies-deal-with-the-problem.jpgIt is a well-known fact that China is a country which fights continuously against pollution. The Chinese authorities have always focused on how this environmental problem can be diminished and took several measures to improve the life of citizens. China is known as the world leading country in manufacturing, where big international companies have activities and a skilled workforce to count on. Investors are welcomed in China and can be guided for a better introduction on the market by registering companies with the help of our Chinese lawyers.

Measures to fight pollution in China

Shutting down factories in China have proven a needed measure, even if a drastic one. In Tianjin, one of the four important provinces in China there have been closed about 9,000 problematic factories due to a high rate of pollution. Such companies are not removed from the market, as the authorities imposed several rules, one of them mentioning that the pollution level must be reduced by 50% in order to get back on track. This important measure was decided because Tianjin registered a level II pollution danger, being so close to level I which represents a real danger.
Entrepreneurs who want to activate in the manufacturing sector in China should, first of all, consider the proper ways of maintaining the pollution level at low rates in order to protect the environment and not breaching the law. Speaking of legislation, our lawyers in China can provide complete legal support when registering a business in China.

When the pollution limit is crossed

Even if the pollution level in China is at a worrying rate, the authorities continue to improve and implement the rules and regulations for companies in search of proper ways to diminish the pollutant emissions. Their programmes and methods must prove successful in a fast manner and should be adopted and respected by all manufacturing companies who still want to perform activities in China. Besides the four-level emergency response system for pollution in China, a four-tier colored system is implemented, where the red color represents the highest rate of pollution. Without a doubt, the pollution in China can meet low rates if the government methods are well made and implemented without affecting the business environment that much.
If you are an entrepreneur who wants to enter the Chinese market, please feel free to contact our law firm in China for legal assistance.


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