Fintech Partnership Between China and Australia

Fintech-Partnership-Between-China-and-Australia.jpgThe financial technology or fintech as it is known, is nowadays on top priorities of companies who want to develop all kinds of facilities for customers activating in the financial sector. On this subject, China’s regulators had several debates and meetings with the ones in Australia and established important agreements in this matter. Most of the investments in China are directed in the country’s tech sectors, and investors should consider the advantages and the profits in this area. In legislation issues, our lawyers in China can provide support and legal advice on request.

An agreement for a technological revolution

The cooperation between the two countries has been settled and signed by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The main idea is to share information and develop the measures related to the fintech sector in both countries. Besides that, one must consider the benefits of the technological reforms which are developing in a fast manner in the main industries worldwide. The fintech sector makes no exception and regards the financial institutions and companies in search of proper tools for security matters. Innovation can be the winning bet for the years to come, therefore, we suggest foreign entrepreneurs consider the investment opportunities in China. The legislation related to foreign investments can be entirely explained by our Chinese lawyers who can also help business persons register their companies in the country.

How China and Australia will collaborate in the future

The partnership between China and Australia was settled by the regulatory technology authority of both countries and regards new developments on the international markets in a proactive manner and. For this to happen, the regulatory compliance must transform into a simpler and competent one. Both countries are willing to share experiences and ideas and even cooperate with other countries in the innovation sector.
If you consider it is time to make investments in China or if you are interested in registering a company in the country, please feel free to get in touch with our law firm in China.


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