Investments in China's Railway System Will Hit New Records

NameConsidering the high potential offered by a suitable infrastructure as part of business plans in significant sectors, China proposed to focus on the railway investments, which so far seem to be a very good plan, according to the numbers. For example, the railway investments in China sum up around $ 45 million only for the first six months of this year. With strong plans ahead in this area, China is expected to conclude the year with even more foreign investments in the infrastructure, especially in the railway sector. Besides infrastructure, an investor can direct the attention in sectors like engineering, technology, agriculture or tourism, and we recommend you solicit legal support from our Chinese lawyers.

Successful railway projects in China in 2017

There have been more than 27 projects which were successfully implemented in China’s infrastructure with particularities in the railway sector, where investments from abroad have been attracted. With a 1.9 % growth in this area, China hits new records for the first half of the year, and according to the authorities, the same fruitful path might surpass the expectations for 2017. There are also numerous projects in progress in China’s railway sector in which several foreign investments will be made. For instance, the construction of new lines to connect the cities from southern and eastern provinces has already begun, as part of the investments, the authorities focused on starting this year. There has always been a major interest in the country’s key areas, therefore, entrepreneurs looking to expand their activities are suggested to ask for legal support and guidance from our lawyers in China, for a better understanding of the rules regarding the foreign investments.

More than $ 100 billion for China’s railway system

The China Railway Corporation in collaboration with the China Academy of Engineering oversees the invested money in this important sector and sustains that several foreign investments will be expected until the end of 2017. On a short analysis, there will be around $ 100 billion invested in several railway projects from which we mention two important ones:
the Hangzhou-Huangshan high-speed line;
the Beijing-Shenyang passenger line.
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