China to Become More Attractive for Foreign Investors

China-to-Become-More-Attractive-for-Foreign-Investors.jpgChina has always been an attractive country for foreign investors, with an accessible market and legislation among many others. The same trend continues as the country is trying to improve the business environment with varied incentives like a free movement of profits of companies with establishments in China. For a proper understanding of the legislation related to foreign investments and the way of doing business in China, it is best to ask for legal support and advice from our Chinese lawyers.

How to make China more interesting for foreigners

Besides improving the visa system for immigrants including entrepreneurs from overseas, China is trying to ease the access to foreign capital in the free-trade zones and to open even more interesting sectors to attract FDI. The economic growth in China is sustained in varied areas by foreign investments but an inflow of capital from abroad is still needed. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, China registered a growth of 12.3% which was brought by newly registered companies in the country and $ 65.5 billion from FDIs in the first half of 2017. Moreover, the FDI inflow grew by 2.3% in June according to statistics. Making investments in China’s main sectors like infrastructure, innovation, engineering, tourism or agriculture can represent a long-term profit for all businessmen. A suitable guidance and legal help in this matter can be obtained from our lawyers in China.

Investments in certain regions in China

The multinational companies from abroad are invited to discover the northeastern and western areas in China, and the interesting part is that the tax deferral can be extended for all foreign entrepreneurs who choose these regions. The authorities want to put complete focus on the northeastern and western regions in China and to attract even more FDIs, where the business environment will align with the international laws and where policies regarding the elimination of several taxes will be implemented. In the same area, the authorities in China are interested in directing the foreign capital to the domestic companies, where the intellectual property will be better protected and the policies related to the FDIs will be stable and reliable.
Entrepreneurs from abroad are invited to make investments in China and to discover the potential of this country. Our law firm in China can answer all your questions, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.


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