A New Record for China's Game Industry

A-new-record-for-Chinas-Game-Industry.jpgWithout a doubt, China is a leader in mobile technology, a very important sector where numerous investments have been made in the past decade. With about $14,5 billion profits registered in the first half of 2017, China continues this positive trend until the end of the year and furthermore. Businessmen interested in making investments in China’s main industry, including the mobile tech sector, are invited to ask for complete legal assistance from our Chinese lawyers.

A flourishing mobile internet growth in China

The Chinajoy fair held in July this year in Shanghai has revealed interesting facts about the fast development of mobile internet and gaming in the country. As for the revenues, there has been registered a 50% growth this year in the game industry, compared to 2016, as mentioned in the Gaming Industry Report released in China. Furthermore, it seems like the computer games present not that much interest in the past few years because the mobile games took over control nowadays, as mentioned in the report provided by the International Data Corp. With a very fast growth in the mobile game sector, experts in this area think that China will keep this positive trend due to the facile access to internet mobile everyone has, and the multitude of attractive mobile games everyone tries, whether it’s on daily basis or just from time to time.
The tech sector in China has always been attractive to foreign and local investors, and entrepreneurs willing to test this market can talk to one of our lawyers in China for legal matters about how to open a company.

Improved investment environment in China’s game industry

Considering the remarkable growth in the game industry in China, where there are registered more than 507 million gamers, the authorities have considered it is time to review the policies and the rules related to the investment environment, in order to ease the possibility of investing in this significant field. Numerous start-ups have encountered a fast development in the game industry in China, making easy money with all sorts of mobile applications
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