China Investment Corporation to Support Innovative Industries

China-Investment-Corporation-to-Support-Innovative-Industries.jpgNanotechnology, smart cities, digital economy, cloud computing or artificial intelligence are a few of the most important fields of the innovative industries of China where investments are always welcomed. The China Investment Corporation is concentrated on supporting this important sector because the tech field needs to fulfill the requirements of consumers in the country and also worldwide. To sustain the progress in the innovative industry, the China Investment Corporation wants to attract capital for the commercialization of innovation and to rapidly place and test the products on the local and international market, and decrease the research time in this matter. For a better understanding of the legislation regarding the foreign investments in China, we recommend you ask for legal support and advice from our Chinese lawyers.

China’s prosperity also depends on the innovative industry

China Investment Corporation has always sustained the development of technology in the country and also the businesses with complete concentration on the innovative market which is attractive and competitive. With more than 1.3 billion customers, China is an important player on the market from an economic point of view, where the key industries are in a continuous expansion and the consumption is at a prominent level. The investments from abroad have been suitably integrated into the innovative industry in China, and the same trend continues in 2017. If interested in such investments, we recommend you obtain information and details from our attorneys in China.

Investing in China’s technology

China is known as a leader in innovation and technology, a country where companies with activities in this sector grow in a fast manner on a global scale, according to statistics. The performances are seen on the markets worldwide and are related to the communications, software, biopharmaceuticals and also the auto industry among many other significant areas. To invest in China’s technology and to sustain innovation are considered significant matters related to the growing demand in the country. 

The China’s five-year plan for science and technology

Aviation, medicine, and automotive industries are part of the five-year plan for science and technology which aims the substitution in imports and the enhancement of companies established on the competitive market. The Chinese market is open for business and entrepreneurs are invited to make investments and to support the innovative industries in the country.
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