Moody's: China’s Economic Growth Maintained a High Level in 2016

Moodys-china-economic-growth-maintained-a-high-level-in-2016.jpgChina is enjoying the economic stability it gained since the beginning of 2016. According to Moody’s, China will properly end this year because the government continued to offer suitable fiscal and monetary stimulation in many important industries in the country. Before we explain why China will continue the fruitful plans in 2017, we remind that you can receive legal assistance and guidance for you or your company in the country, from our Chinese lawyers.

Numbers say that China performed well 2016

Although there were discussions related to the risks that might appear due to fluctuations on stock exchanges worldwide, China’s economic growth has maintained a high level this year and the PMI (purchasing managers’ index) it outclassed reviewed potentials for this year, right before the end of 2016, according to statistics. This happened because the Chinese government has always encouraged foreign investments with different incentives and stimulated the main areas of interests, such as transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, workforce and financial services.
October 2016 recorded interesting numbers because the industry developed quite well in China, so did the investment fields, making the annually settled numbers to be achieved. As a reminder, our law firm in China can offer you the needed assistance and legal help if you want to establish your presence in the country.

Services and consumption are main targets in China

According to Moody’s report for 2016, China focused on the domestic economic structure and continued to fix and develop the consumption and the services in the country, two of the important powers that sustain the economy. The export business in China encountered significant growth too, achieving and surpassing the goals for 2016. The fixed-asset investments in China met an 8.3% growth by the end of October, with about 0.4% difference for the same period last year.
Major reforms and reliable policies helped China to maintain the economic growth to a brand new level in 2016. The same plans are mentioned for the year to come, where private-sector investments are believed to recover, in order to offer an extensive positivity for the long-term Chinese economy.
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