China, Mongolia and Russia to Build a Trilateral Economic Corridor

NameChina, Russia and Mongolia have developed a plan to create an important economic corridor that proposes to increase regional cooperation related to transportation connectivity and economic support at the borders. In other words, this significant strategy will imply sectors like tourism, economy, sports or technology that will open numerous investment occasions for businessmen worldwide. It is good to know that our Chinese lawyers are able to provide you with legal assistance and guidance, if you want to open a business in China.

The implications of the trilateral economic corridor

The latest progresses have been on debate between the three neighbors, and details were mentioned about China’s Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative, besides Russia’s transcontinental rail plan and Mongolia’s Steppe Road program. Officials say that this might be the first multilateral economic collaboration between China, Russia and Mongolia, or a new essential stage, quite necessary for future business development and prosperity worldwide. There have been discussions upon priorities that every country needs to consider, before signing the agreement, such as industrial capacity, infrastructure, trade, economy and environmental protection. In the same agreement, the three countries intend to develop a brand new engine for Asia. As a reminder, our lawyer in China can offer assistance and consultancy for future business plans you might have in the country.

Win-win situations for China, Russia and Mongolia

Long-term plans were put on display, with everyone’s promise that will strengthen high-level strategy collaboration, in order to avoid obstacles or future issues that might intervene. And besides that, the officials reminded the necessity of improving certain policies and rules, as well as correlativity between economic structures of China, Russia and Mongolia. As a conclusion, the officials have agreed that huge cooperation is expected to happen in years to come.
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