Opportunities for Investments on the Real Estate Market in China

NameMany foreign businessmen are carefully measuring what’s new on the real estate market in China, a proper domain for investments. Having one of the worlds’ most developed economy, China offers suitable opportunities and stable investments in the real estate sector. It has been registered a significant growth of 10% for every year in the last decade in the real estate, a strong reason why overseas businessmen are willing to direct their money into this flourishing market. 
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Why trust real estate in China nowadays?

The China main cities where businessmen choose to invest are Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Guangzhou, because of the stability, the security and the proper developed infrastructure they offer. Take into consideration that you should not undervalue the speed at which cities in China are evolving and make sure to analyze cities' blueprint plans, in order to discover the potential developments. The high density of facilities and the cities' large expat inhabitants are considered to be important aspects when you choose to invest in real estate, and nowadays these areas are stable and ready to offer confidence. It is true, you must be realistic when you want to invest in China’s real estate, but be sure to explore the entire field and take into consideration that it develops daily.
Long term investments in China’s real estate are quite attractive and many foreign businessmen are interested in this blooming field. Our Chinese lawyers will provide you with information and guidance if you wish to invest in real estate, and will prepare suitable plans, according to your visions and ideas.

New opportunities for investments in China’s real estate

Regarding developments and future plans, the numbers are speaking for themselves, and here we mention a growth of 8.31% for second hand houses in Shanghai instead of 0.17% registered last year. 18.6% is the newest percentage regarding the average sales prices of new buildings in the same city.
Beijing also registered major growths, with almost 5% increase for residential assets sale price. Major interventions from Chinese government helped the country regain foreign investors confidence, after the economic crisis that started in 2008.
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